Good Films Collective

2021 - 2022

  • PRODUCER: Miriam Segal
  • SCREENPLAY: Ellen Furman

In this dramatic comedy, five unique and powerful women reunite when their former mentor and law school professor dies. On arriving in historic Charleston, South Carolina, they discover their professor’s estate is to be divided equally amongst four of them, mysteriously excluding the member regarded by all as the professor’s favorite. Additionally, the will states that they must unanimously agree upon the future of her estate. As all five women settle into this former plantation and grapple with this unforeseen responsibility, old dynamics and feuds reemerge.

They unearth more about their late professor’s family history; simultaneously, they face their respective pasts. The result is just as compelling as it is hilarious. These five strong women with unique points of view go head to head, battling through their past and present differences in order to come to a decision.

In the vein of classics like Fried Green Tomatoes and The Big Chill, Can I Be Honest is simultaneously a celebration of unconditional friendship and female empowerment.