Good Films Collective


  • PRODUCER: Miriam Segal
  • SCREENPLAY: Luke Garrett
  • DIRECTOR: Craig Roberts
  • BUDGET: $30,000,000

On Thanksgiving Eve, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper, aka DB Cooper, boards a plane out of Portland, Oregon for Seattle, Washington. Cooper hands the attendant a note indicating he has a bomb and demanding a $200k ransom and two parachutes. The plane lands at Seattle where cooper collects his ransom and allows the passengers to deplane. He then demands that the crew takes off for Mexico via Reno. But shortly thereafter, he instructs them to drop to 10,000 ft and slow the plane. Somewhere over Washington State, Cooper skydives from the rear doors with the parachutes and the money. To this day, the only traces of Cooper were some bills found in a river in 1980.

The story is of Isaac Tanenbaum, a field agent turned investigator. He tries to succeed where others failed – to solve the mystery of the man behind one of America’s most unique heists. Since his predecessors fixated on wide-sweeping and ultimately fruitless searches of the local woods in rural Washington, Isaac pivots, instead interviewing witnesses, suspects and over a dozen copycats along the way. Cooper’s bizarre and impressive hijacking of Northwest Airlines flight 305 pieces together in flashbacks as Isaac builds his case. Nevertheless, his investigation leads him further from Cooper’s real identity and from his own family in the process. Ultimately, one final suspect stands between Isaac’s professional triumph and the ranks of the guys before him.