Rabbit Hole

A silent murder. A patient detective. Will anybody listen?


DIRECTOR: Maxine Peake
BOOK AUTHOR: Mark Billingham
BUDGET: $18,000,000
LOCATION: Florida, United States


Step into Fleet Ward, the psychiatric wing of an American hospital, and behold the grim underbelly of the US mental health circus. Tucked away in the heart of Central Florida’s “The Villages,” one of America’s largest retirement communities, the ward illustrates society’s knack for tossing aside the broken, the odd, and the forgotten, amongst the broken, the old, and the forgotten.

Alice Armitage, an animated tenant who was once a cop, or so she claims, is wrestling with life behind padded walls after a messy bout with PTSD, a dab of self-medication, and a full-blown meltdown. Swapping her holster for a straitjacket, she’s the star attraction in this circus of the damned.

When a fellow inmate is murdered, Alice dons her detective hat, and takes on the case. But when her prime suspect becomes the second victim, her life begins to unravel as she realizes that she cannot trust anyone, least of all herself.

In the gripping conclusion, as Alice delves deeper into the shadows of her own psyche, she unravels a twisted truth that upends everything she thought she knew.