The Execution


PRODUCER: Miriam Segal
SCREENPLAY: Petter Skavlan

Two women are thrust into the fight of their lives, connected only by the legacy left by a brutal execution.   One, a rapporteur for the United Nations burrows deep into darkness, galvanized by the search for truth in an abyss of corruption.  The other, inspired only by love, helms a journey for justice.  Together, in this gripping true story, they take on the world’s most powerful governments and demand accountability for the assassination of acclaimed Washington Post columnist, JAMAL KHASHOGGI.  

THE EXECUTION follows JAMAL KHASHOGGI’S and HATICE CENGIZ’S blossoming romance against the backdrop of increasing political tension.  We follow AGNES CALLAMARD as she risks everything to investigate a government that denies the crime. Together, they uncover the shocking truth that money doesn’t just buy murder, but the blindness of the world’s most powerful judicial eyes. And yet through the fear, the doubt, the frustration, emerges the heart of the narrative, a simple love story.