The Man Who Stole The Sky




SCREENPLAY: Luke Garrett
BUDGET: $20,000,000


It’s been 50 years since the FBI had been embarrassed by the famous hijacking perpetrated by the elusive D.B. Cooper.  50 years of mockery, 50 years of dead ends, 50 years of failure.  Well, the reckoning has come, and it’s name is special agent Isaac Tanenbaum. 

Flawless in his career and riding high on recent achievements, Isaac is assigned the prestigious task of tracking down D.B. Cooper, bringing him to justice, and wiping away the blemish from the FBIs history.   Together, with a ragtag crew of experienced investigators, Tanenbaum will uncover that digging up the past just leaves a lot of holes in the ground. 

Perhaps the answers he’s looking for lie outside the mystery?