The Khashoggi Project

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THE KHASHOGGI PROJECT2021 SCREENPLAY: Petter Skavlan DIRECTOR: Daniel Espinosa For most people, getting permission to get married is a mere formality. But, when JAMAL KHASHOGGI entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey to get the necessary papers, he never came out. The world would soon learn that while his fiancé, Hatice Cengiz, waited outside, KHASHOGGI was […]

Miriam Segal

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Miriam is Founder and Lead Producer of the independent production company, Good Films, which she established in 2007. Segal came to the world of independent film with over 20 years of film and television experience, having produced multiple award-winning serial and long form dramas for BBC Films. Her credits also include the BBC serial drama “Silent Witness II” and the highly-successful TV serial drama “EastEnders,” which, under her season-long tenure, won its first BAFTA TV honor in 1997…

David Banks

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David is a Non-Executive Director of Good Films, bringing experience with corporate governance and strategic planning as well as fundraising.

Prior to his appointment, David had a long and distinguished career in finance and general management, serving as CEO or Executive Chair…

Paula Turnbull

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Paula Turnbull is the Executive Vice President of Production at Good Films and oversees production from inception through delivery.

She joined Good Films in 2014 and brings a wealth of production knowledge gained through working as a Production Manager and Assistant Director on internationally acclaimed productions ranging from Pawlikowski’s My Summer of Love to Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises.  

Ken McBroom

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Ken McBroom SVP Development and Production Ken McBroom is SVP of Development and Production at Good Films. He works closely with each project from the early stages of development through the latter stages of production. Prior to joining Good Films, Ken worked in the production department at HBO before joining the hit HBO shows Big […]

Cameron Kadkhodai

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Cameron Kadkhodai Senior Executive Assistant – Production, Development and Business Cameron Kadkhodai is the Senior Executive Assistant at Good Films Collective.  He has a wide range of responsibilities varying from the management of corporate affairs, providing feedback during development, and helping coordinate each stage of film production. Cameron joined our team in 2017 and plays […]

Ross Tatelman

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Ross Tatelman Executive Assistant Production & Development Ross Tatelman is an Executive Assistant at Good Films helping facilitate production from development through delivery. He joined Good Films in 2018, bringing a decade of working production knowledge gained through experience as an Assistant Production Coordinator,  Location Associate, and Production Assistant.  Ross has passionately worked on large […]

Mikhail Buchanan

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Mikhail Buchanan Executive Assistant Business Mikhail has transitioned from an early corporate career to the film industry seamlessly through grit and unmatched hustle. After working on small productions in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Mikhail packed up his family and headed West for the city of Angels, working on a Michelle Danner production shortly thereafter. Mikhail later […]

The Duchess of Malfi

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THE DUCHESS OF MALFI2022 SCREENPLAY: Luke Garrett Based on the classic play by John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi is a fresh take on a tragic tale. Told through the eyes of the spy, Bosola, we follow his struggles to conspire against The Duchess and Antonio, two star-crossed lovers forced into exile.  Bosola, a violent henchman of […]