The Postcard Killings

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THE POSTCARD KILLINGS MARCH 13, 2020 TRAILER PRODUCER: Miriam Segal SCREENPLAY: Luke Garrett DIRECTOR: Danis Tanovic CAST: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Famke Janssen, Cush Jumbo Based on the James Patterson and Liza Marklund #1 New York Times best-selling novel, The Postcard Killings is a chilling crime story, following Jacob Kanon (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a hardened New York Detective, […]


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HARMLESS 2021 – 2022 SCREENPLAY: Eric Poppen When most of us think of pharmaceutical companies responsible for childcare, we think of nurturing products like shampoo and baby powder, not those responsible for America’s most devastating modern plague: opioid addiction. Set in rural Oklahoma and based on true events, HARMLESS is a powerful story told through […]

The Duchess of Malfi

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THE DUCHESS OF MALFI2021 – 2022 SCREENPLAY: Luke Garrett Based on the classic play by John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi is a fresh take on a tragic tale. Told through the eyes of the spy, Bosola, we follow his struggles to conspire against The Duchess and Antonio, two star-crossed lovers forced into exile.  Bosola, a violent […]

In The Hours of Night

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IN THE HOURS OF NIGHT 2021 TEASER PRODUCER: Miriam Segal, Al Ruddy SCREENPLAY: Eric Poppen Based on William Bradford Huie’s gripping novel, In the Hours of Night is a psychological thriller that tells the story of Frank Castleton, a top advisor in both Presidents Roosevelt’s and Truman’s cabinets, one of less than half a dozen individuals who […]

People of the Book

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PEOPLE OF THE BOOK 2020 TEASER PRODUCER: Miriam Segal SCREENPLAY: Petter Skavlan DIRECTOR: Danis Tanovic Sarajevo is a city where for centuries people of all faiths and origins have lived harmoniously. But war challenges that peace and turns friends against each other. In 1942, the Nazis sacked the city in search of antiquities of historic […]

Mother Russia

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MOTHER RUSSIA2021 – 2022 TEASER PRODUCER: Miriam Segal SCREENPLAY: Eric Poppen A powerful and inspiring thriller about one ordinary woman’s journey from local print journalist to international human rights hero, Mother Russia chronicles Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya’s brave crusade to expose the corruption of the Russian state under Vladimir Putin, focusing on the genocide in Chechnya. At […]

Can I Be Honest?

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CAN I BE HONEST2021 – 2022 TEASER PRODUCER: Miriam Segal SCREENPLAY: Ellen Furman In this dramatic comedy, five unique and powerful women reunite when their former mentor and law school professor dies. On arriving in historic Charleston, South Carolina, they discover their professor’s estate is to be divided equally amongst four of them, mysteriously excluding […]